What background is best for product photography?

Whether you're new to product photography or if you've been doing this for a while. It's always good to review what's new and what's happening.

What background is best for product photography?

Whether you're new to product photography or if you've been doing this for a while. It's always good to review what's new and what's happening. One of the most important determinants of your online sales is the image of your product. When choosing one of the best backgrounds for product photography, there are several things to consider.

For example, the color and tone you are looking for, the type of product, the brand message, etc. Subtle colors are primarily recommended for product photography. This is because they make your product stand out and, at the same time, give your image a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid including too many details in the background that could divert the viewer's attention from the product.

People looking for your product should find exactly what they're looking for. Place the subject in front of the backdrop. However, keep some distance between the product and the background for a better effect. Filling the entire image with the theme can help make your product the center of attention.

However, make sure not to cut parts of the product from the frame. Be careful when changing the size of the image. Blurred backgrounds can improve the look of the image and, at the same time, keep the subject as the main focus. You can try to leave some distance between the product and the background to easily blur it.

The key to any product photo session is to keep things simple but attractive. A simple wall, the sky or a plain cloth are excellent product backgrounds. Using contrasting colors in the image is the best way to make colors stand out. Having a background color that contrasts with the color of the subject can give the photo a vibrant look.

Having a background as part of your overall photo session can make your product images stand out on your website. Experience how you can use different backgrounds to spread the word about your brand's story. Highlight your product with a perfect color combination. Planning and structuring the colors you want to use in advance can help you save precious time.

You can create a panel of ideas to consider and know what product, photography, background ideas and colors you want to consider. The background color should contrast with the color of the product. You can recreate color palettes and tones and see what works well for your product's photo session. The type of background photo you have depends on the product you're selling.

Luxury items have a darker and more elegant background. Whereas lifestyle items and beauty products have colorful backgrounds. You can choose colors according to the seasons. This is done a lot in the fashion industry.

In addition, light colors are preferred to bright ones. Bright colors are primarily used for advertising rather than product photography. If you use your product images on another website, several websites have their own rules and guidelines to follow. Most of the major e-commerce websites use a similar theme, that is,.

Read their rules before starting the session. Next, we'll discuss in more detail the four most commonly used colors for product photography and their benefits. If you're not sure where to start, opting for a white background is your best bet. A white background is the best color background for photos from a site other than your own.

While white is the most common and the best option, you can experiment with different background colors depending on your brand board. They are subtle and make the image look fun and aesthetic. The light gray background colors are perfect for fashion and jewelry photo sessions. Light gray isn't shiny and will make your clothes or jewelry stand out.

Certain products, such as jewelry, go well with photographs of products with a black background. The black color makes things such as jewelry, diamonds, gold and precious metals stand out, giving the whole image an elegant touch. Check out these 10 best ideas for product photography backgrounds: Disadvantages If you're not careful when washing them, the shine can disappear. Foam boards are good backgrounds for a product.

If you're experimenting with this for your own website, experiment with different colors. You don't have to use just a white foam board. Not every photo session needs an expensive budget to be perfect. Sometimes the simplest things can add elements and make your image stand out.

Papers are popular when it comes to food photography. Metal trays are the best backgrounds for photographing dark food products. In addition, both sides of the metal tray can be used to give the entire photo a unique touch. Stones and sand are very creative backgrounds for jewelry brands.

They are perfect luxury photo backgrounds. Especially black sand can give the whole photo an aesthetic look. See how Welpix did it. Silk cloths make great backgrounds for jewelry and watches.

You can experiment with them by folding them, layering them and playing with them while discovering how they should convey your brand's message. Are you a fan of indoor plants? Have you always wanted indoor plants? Here's your excuse to finally get them. They also create the best backgrounds for product photography at home. Who knew that those small, comfy floor mats could be good background photo sessions? We know it now.

You can experiment with rugs of different colors and designs. If you want it to be simple but aesthetic, you can use a white rug. Wood is one of the most creative background ideas. Uncut raw wood can give the whole image a rough look.

Mosaic backgrounds are fantastic backdrop ideas for your product. They are also available in various sizes, colors and textures. Now that you know the best product photography backgrounds available, we know you'll get the most out of them. However, it's easier to do all of this with the DoMyShoot app.

You don't have to go through the trouble of doing everything on your own. The DoMyShoot application addresses the photography needs of your products by offering several backgrounds available within the application itself. What background color is best for taking product photos? AT. White is the most commonly used and safe background color you can choose.

White ensures that the background is clean and that the product is in focus. What type of paper is used as a background in product photography? AT. Transparent paper is the most popular product photo background available. It's versatile and durable compared to regular paper.

How to create your own photo backgrounds? AT. Paper rolls, fabrics such as muslin, MDF boards and cychlorama are some of the most common and easily available backgrounds you can choose from. You can play even more with lighting to enrich the image. How to make text stand out in a busy background? Q.

How to take photos of products on a white background? Q. What to use as a white background to take pictures of my products? AT. You can use paper rolls, MDF sheets, or a white wooden board. Make sure that the lighting on the product is adequate.

The color white can really bring out the best in every image. This simplicity continues to promote consistency and offers a clean look. The color white as a background has a low impact on the image, allowing the product to stand out. It never goes out of style and is always timeless.

Product photography is vital for internal and external marketing, as photographs play a crucial role in buyers' purchase decision process. Not only do photos of your products appear on your site, but also on your PPC channels, such as Google Ads for e-commerce, Facebook ads, Microsoft ads, and ads and posts of your products on social networks, including YouTube ads and other video marketing thumbnails. The background you use for product photography will determine the feeling and the message you want to convey to your customers. A basic diagram is an effective way to clearly identify the individual details of your product and to succinctly explain what each one brings to the product as a whole.

Once you've edited the white background and your products shine, you can add a shadow to the product if necessary. Using artificial lighting for product photos may seem intimidating, but it's necessary for those of you who advertise on Amazon and Google Shopping. When it comes to taking and editing photos of your products yourself, white backgrounds tend to make it much easier for beginners to create incredible product photos. In exchange, of course, you must follow some platform-specific rules when it comes to photographing your products.

Considering that Amazon and Google are the main (and, honestly, the only) search engines that consumers use to search for new products, it doesn't make sense to create a product photography guide that doesn't include some specific advice for them. Other elements must be taken into account and, above all, the right background for photography and product design. .

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